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Rates and Forms Section –
New Developments

* Notice Regarding Annuity Contracts
On or after January 1, 2006, an insurer may only issue annuity policies that comply with the provisions of ORS 743.275 through 743.295 as set forth in the Oregon Insurance Code and Related Laws 2004.

Individual annuity contracts sold on or after January 1, 2006 must contain language regarding deferrals that complies with ORS 743.278(1)(b). An amendment, endorsement, or rider may be filed for approval rather than submitting a new contract. In force contracts are not affected.

Also beginning on January 1, 2006, some individual flexible premium annuity contracts that use the old nonforfeiture calculation can no longer be sold. Please refer to ORS 743.293. Those contracts that specifically refer to 65% within the contract itself may no longer be used.

Please send a list of the form numbers for contracts that you will be withdrawing from the market as a result of this change via email to We need to receive this listing on or before December 31, 2005.

* ACORD is recognized as an advisory organization.
ACORD submits personal and commercial auto applications and supplements to the Oregon Insurance Division for approval. However, Oregon law does not give advisory organizations filing authority on behalf of their member companies. Any insurance company wishing to use or accept an ACORD application for Personal Lines and Commercial Lines motor vehicle insurance must make a form filing pursuant to ORS 742.458 and ORS 742.003, just like they would file any independently developed motor vehicle application form. (10/19/04)

* Sign up to receive announcements by E-Notification.
Rates and Forms information is now being distributed through email notification from the division Website. Register now:

* Speed to Market - Self Certification Pilot Program (STMSCP)
Oregon is participating as a pilot state in the Speed to Market Self Certification Program for PC form filings. The program is designed to gather data to determine the credibility of self certified filings. In Oregon, participation in the pilot requires the submission of the filing requirements including completion of the product standards (checklist) and certifying the forms filed are in compliance with the checklist. In order to collect the necessary data, fillings submitted under the pilot program may receive a cursory review approval with a follow-up thorough review. To make a filing through the pilot program, select "Filing Requirements" from the Rates and Forms Web page and select "PC Pilot Form Filing" for complete instructions.

* NAIC Self-Certification announcement and pilot bulletin can be accessed from the NAIC's Industry Web page.

* Product Locator - a National Data Base
Oregon is participating in the national data base that enables insurers to search for products and product requirements for participating states. This system is a tool for product developers that will enable them to create products that are in compliance with all states they intend to file in. It will assist filers to more accurately prepare the filing and checklist of standards required by the individual states. Oregon's entries in the Product Locator are identical to the checklist of standards required to be completed by filers. The Product Locator is active for property/casualty, life and health.
(revised 5/17/05)

* Self-Certify your Life and Annuity Advertisements
Oregon is allowing insurers to self-certify life and annuity advertisements. The Transmittal and Standards form on our website provides detailed information for self-certification. The checklist of standards must be completed whether you are self-certifying or filing for approval. If self-certifying, place the completed checklist of standards in your file with the advertisement for possible review in a Market Conduct Examination. If filing advertisements for review, please refer to Bulletin 2000-2 for our procedures. We are encouraging self-certification. If there are items that can be clarified to help in the self-certification process, please e-mail to, or fax to 503-378-4351. (9/21/05)

* 2001 CSO Life Mortality Tables
Effective January 1, 2004, Oregon adopted the 2001 CSO Mortality Tables for life products.

Insurers updating prior approved policies with the new table will need to file two copies of the policy with the following:

  1. Revision date added to the policy form number on the front of the policy.
  2. Highlight changes in one copy of the policy. To limit review to the highlighted changes, only the mortality table references and the updated Table of Values can be changed.
  3. Complete the Actuarial portion of the Product Standards and submit an updated actuarial memorandum.
  4. NAIC Transmittal form.
  5. Certification of Compliance

See the following website for forms:

* Credit Scoring Rules Adopted
Senate Bill 260, passed in the 2003 session of the Oregon Legislative Assembly, imposes new limits on the use of insurance scoring or credit history for personal insurance underwriting and rating. The legislation (chapter 788, Oregon Laws 2003) was effective January 1, 2004. Bulletin INS 2003-8 (January 29, 2004) provides the Insurance Division's interpretation of SB 260 and insurer filing requirements. Credit Scoring Questions & Answers addresses practical and specific questions about implementing SB 260. (1/30/04)

* Terrorism Exclusions (3/3/06)

* Mold Exclusion Guidelines – Outlines information needed in a form and rate filing. (4/3/02)


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This document was last revised on March 3, 2006 .